HL Net

About Us


Our team is able to propose an external; Fiduciary supervisory team to assist in market intelligence to your new Ventures under any legal form ( JV, Partnership, spot project deal, Coop membership, pool integration) to suit your company development strategy. Without having to hire expensive new team we will source from your own human resources the team to carry this transition


Our mission become the transition support link between the shareholders executives external services partners in new JV/ partnership or investment with the new dedicated team for specific identified project; marketing legal financial strategy and hand on target to enhance the activities sustainability by creating new identified ventures in the company core field(s)

Lead professional team function:

1. Project Assessment marketing strategist,
2. Legal commercial International documents
3. CPA Auditor P&L company resources audit
4. Merger JV/partnership/Trigger Investor hand on/Investors

Our corporate management team have the aim to propose an innovative way to handle a parallel division that will assist to develop a task to be implemented without being a load to the company strategy.

HL Net economic segments:

1. Structured Project development Property, Mining Hi Tech ventures, finance consolidation
2. Water delivery related solutions programs
3. Renewable sustainable energies programs planning
4. Farming & agro-industry coops/pool planning definition
5. Services sourcing; EMEA B2B Telecommunication VOIP on mobile phones, virtual office, technical Consultancy, Q&Q, CPA, Insurance broker, travel budget management, IP web manager(s), Recruitment, career management, training programs.